Monday, October 6, 2014

Being Content

At sea...

My eyes were barely open, when the first light of day shone through the port hole. Looking out, I assured myself that the sun had not yet made her appearance. Dressing as quickly and as quietly as possible, I slipped out of the room to catch the elevator. Few people were out at this time of the morning, so grabbing a cup of coffee was not a problem.

I rushed through the dining room and out across the deck. The temperature was perfect; a little bite of cool air, yet the warmth of the day was not far behind.

Climbing the stairway to the first level wasn't high enough, so I ran up the second set of steps, and then the third. As my head popped above the staircase rail, the wind threatened to blow me back down, but I held my ground.

I quickly rushed to the starboard side on the forward deck. The wind was wild and tumultuous, but I didn't care. I loved bathing in its warmth. Peering over the side at the ocean, I was once again awestruck with the magnificent sight before me. The deep blue waves seemed as rich as velvet swirling around the ship. And as the sun rose above the horizon, there appeared to be an innumerable amount of sparkling diamonds cast upon the surface of the water. 
Oh! What a glorious sight!


Back on the farm...

I tossed and turned instead of sleeping, and although I could tell that it was morning, I couldn't begin to guess the time. Grabbing my phone, I checked the time--5:45. There was no use in lying there any longer, so I decided to get up and try to catch some quiet time before the rest of the house came to life.

After I stumbled to the kitchen to start the coffee pot, I unlocked and opened the front door and then went back into the kitchen to open the back door, too. As the coffee continued to gurgle, I glanced out the door and saw that the eastern sky was beginning to lighten up. It wouldn't be long now.

A few short minutes later, I had my coffee in hand and I slipped out the back door. Although there was a cool breeze blowing, the warmth of the day was already in the air.

The few clouds that were drifting in the sky were beginning to brighten, and turn pink. Soon the orange orb began to slowly rise upon the horizon, and I watched it grow larger as it continued on its path. The sun's light began to shine upon the dew, and the cows appeared to be nibbling on a field of sparkling diamonds that had been strewn across the pasture. 
Oh! What a glorious day!


In case you can't tell, I'm feeling a little poetic today. What thought inspired this provocative prolific prose? I'm glad you asked!
The other evening as The Farmer and I were sitting out on the front porch (him sitting, me swinging), enjoying the beautiful autumn evening, a thought came to me.

          "…be content with such things as you have…" (Heb. 13:5)

The joy and relaxation I felt at that moment here on the farm was just as glorious as the moments I had enjoyed on my recent cruise.

Speaking my thoughts out loud, I said to The Farmer, "Why would I ever go anyplace else when the farm has everything I need? It's so peaceful and the weather is so beautiful; and it's absolutely free!"

"I know, we're really blessed here," The Farmer quickly agrees. "So, what are you fixing for supper?"

…Oh, yeah, now I remember …J

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