Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Outsourcing On The Farm

The Farmer has been busy for the last several months designing and building his little home away from home--his office/workshop. When he made the decision to retire, we both knew that neither one of us wanted each other to be underfoot too much. So it was decided that he had to have a place to escape to (or be sent to). J

During the late spring, summer, and early fall months, hasn't been a problem. If the sun is shining, he's outside. But as the long, dreary days of winter quickly approach, he's going to be needing a place to burrow into to make his phone calls, text his buddies, and plan his endless "to do" lists. (insert workaholic here).

The shed (aka garage) had been built years ago, but never insulated. So we are in the process of transforming it into a dry, warm haven just for him. Earlier we put some tin on the walls and insulated them (you can read about that little adventure >>>Here), but we never finished the ceiling and lights and insulation.

We've talked about it lots, but each time The Farmer would bring it up, I felt dread and despair sink into my very being at the thought of walking on ladders or scaffolding or anything else that would put me 9 feet up off the concrete floors (a little too dramatic? Hey, you ain't heard nothing yet!).

At any rate, I whined, complained, begged, pleaded, plotted and prayed until he promised to hire someone to help. So my job was outsourced to a couple of capable carpenters who has done a fantastic job!

The Farmer inspecting the work

clean-up afterwards

driving lessons

Yeah! She's Cool!!

After they are finished, we will still have a little work to do, but keeping with the outsourcing, I think we can get a neighbor to help with the insulation, and a heating/cooling expert to put in the furnace. Looks like The Farmer will be moving into his office by the end of October!

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