Enloe Farms Locally Raised Beef

In case you can't tell by the name of my blog…we are farmers. :)

We live on a beautiful farm in a small town in Missouri, and have been raising cattle and kids for over 30 years.


A few years back, we began to offer our processed beef to our family and friends. We started getting positive feedback, so we reached out to others through craigslist, Facebook, the Internet.

Our cattle are:

--Born and raised on our farm

--Have complete tracebility (born on the farm, sold from the farm)

--Never given needless antibiotics

--Never given growth stimulates



If you would like more information on our home-grown beef, take a look at our website:

Enloe Farms Beef

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DesignedByBH said...

How neat! I'm originally from Oklahoma and I still have family that raise cattle there. I haven't been to their farm, but now that I'm older (and went to a college school with a lot of agriculture) I'd really like to go! I used to spend my summers in Missouri (near Seneca) and Oklahoma--I miss that part of the country.

Enloe Farms said...

We love living in the country, BH. It's been a great experience raising our kids on a farm.