Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Undeniable Victory

I'm not sure where they came from, or how they got here, but I knew what their plans were: to take over, to consume our belongings, to overtake us. And I knew I had to stop them…
In the beginning, I hadn't thought much about them. I had seen a couple of them milling around and hadn't really even cared. I had my own cares and concerns, and really didn't see them as a threat. But as time passed, I noticed that their numbers began increasing; soon there was a small army hanging around. Alarms began going off in my brain, like tingling senses, warning me that an invasion may be inevitable
And as if I had prophesied my own fate, they began coming into our home, invading our privacy, going through all that we owned, as if it were their own, and I couldn't stop it. Nothing was sacred, nothing was out of their reach, and I felt all hope was gone. I had no idea of how to get rid of these invaders. I wasn't a woman of violence, and I knew I would not be able to get a hold of the authorities in time.
But then it came to me…a delicious, delectable plan that would win the hearts of my nemeses and happily send them back to their own land. I would prepare a feast for them. Food is a binding element.  What better way to bring peace and harmony to any situation?
So I busied myself making my "guests" comfortable, quietly preparing what I knew they would love. They seemed to not notice as I busied myself gathering up all the ingredients I would need to prepare them a mouth watering meal of irresistible flavors. When I finished, I knew I couldn't get them all into one room, so I served them wherever they were. Some were in the kitchen, others were in the dining room, but most had gathered in the sitting room.
I placed the food in front of them, being careful not to startle or offend, and to my joy they began consuming all that I gave them. I could see the excitement, none of them held back. I gave them seconds, and they were grateful. How pleased they were that this great feast was given in their honor. They had come expecting to have to work at getting everything they wanted, and found hospitality instead.
As I stood back to watch, I felt a little smile form upon my lips. I had conquered these intruders all by myself. Not with strength, nor power, but with poison! Everything they were eating had been poisoned. Soon they would feel the effects…but not too soon, the poison was slow acting and they would be far away before they knew what I had done. They would take the left-overs back to their families and comrades, who would eventually be overcome as well.
The thrill of victory swelled in my veins as I contemplated the fate of each warrior, wreathing in agony as the poison slowly effected their vital organs. And as their loved ones came to their rescue, or their comfort, they too would be effected and eventually die.
Oh! How sweet the thrill of undeniable victory!
“As long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us.”
― Winston Churchill

Each year we are overrun with ants for a short time. As soon as I see one, I know there are more present, I just have to find their trail. That being done, I place Terro in their path, and after they gather around and consume the sweet liquid, they take it back to their nest to infect the rest of their colony. 

I can't help but feel sweet satisfaction (pun intended) :) 

If they would stay outside where they belong, I wouldn't have to be so vicious! 

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