Monday, July 8, 2013

Out Of Control, But Not Uncontrollable

Week 10

I've been on sort of a hiatus from my diet for the last two weeks. Some days I would start off the day by following the diet, but then I would get sidetracked throughout the day or throughout the week.

I could blame this lull on my circumstances; The Farmer took some days off and messed me up, the kids demanded that I make dessert and messed me up, I couldn't get to the store to buy everything I needed and it messed me up, it was Monday and it messed me up. But whatever the excuse (or lack of excuse) I messed up. I put my guard down, allowed my circumstances to dictate my life, and was just plain lazy about doing what I knew I should have been doing.

Here's the difference:

Before I went on The Fast Metabolism Diet (by Haylie Pomroy), I would have given up and called it quits on this diet.  I would have gone back into my comfort zone of eating what I wanted, and I  would have gained more weight.

But this time I didn't gain any weight. I maintained the weight that I had already lost, I didn't have the uncontrollable desire for unhealthy food and sugar, and I was able to make healthy choices even though I wasn't following the diet. This way of eating has done what it has promised, it seems to have reset my metabolism button back to start, allowing me to eat a little out of control for a short time without being uncontrollable in my eating habits, which quickly leads to weight gain.

So, this week being a brand new week, I get to push the restart button, again, and I have a new resolve because I have new results! Take a look...

DateWeightWeekly LostTotal lbs. to date
Starting wt.230
Week 1225-55
Week 2224-16
Week 3223-17
Week 422307
Week 5222-18
Week 6220-210
Week 7219-111
Week 8-9219011

Best news is I have lost 7 inches around my waist! Very excited!!!

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Sandy Mullaney said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! Remember the Tortoise (sp?) and the hare!!! I may be slow but I AM SURE!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Cindra said...

lol, Sandy! I figure if I'm maintaining or losing then I'm ahead of the game. :)

Ugochi said...

Bravo Cindra! Not giving up is one sure way to victory, especially when you are doing the right thing!

Cindra said...

Thanks, Ugochi-- I know this is where I turn it around, so I'm going to stick with it :)