Thursday, July 25, 2013

Onward And Downward

I have just finished one of my favorite breakfasts—oatmeal and blueberries—and was feeling so good about my diet that I had to sing it's praises once again. I started The Fast Metabolism Diet in May and have been steadily, although slowly, losing weight. (Before, I was slowly and steadily gaining weight)

I have been overweight and on an upward climb for more than 20 years. Through that time, I have been on several diets, taken several "supplements", and tried several habit altering techniques. I have counted points, taken shots, and have been hypnotized. I've done without specific food groups, and overloaded on others. Through the years, I have bought a boatload of exercise machines and tapes (both on VHS and CD).  And although I had experienced some weight loss doing most of these things, I was never able, or willing, to maintain, and soon the weight that I had lost would always come back.

For me, The Fast Metabolism Diet has been different. The first week that I was on the diet, I followed the plan religiously, although I did find out later that some of the things I had eaten weren't the right products. For example, the oatmeal is supposed to be steel oats, I used old fashioned oats (still do). Nitrate free lunch meat is allowed, but mine wasn't always nitrate free. And watermelon is only allowed on phase 1, I had been eating it on all 3 phases.

However, following the diet plan (mostly), I lost 5 lbs. my first week, and then began losing 1 lb. or so every week thereafter. I was a little disappointed, but determined to follow through, realizing that I was in fact losing weight, but just as exciting, I was not gaining any weight. For the last couple of weeks (wk 10-11), I have been on and off the diet, however, when I weighed myself yesterday, I had lost another pound. (yay!)

Haylie Pomroy, the author of The Fast Metabolism Diet, promised me that this diet would heal my metabolism and speed up the burn. And fortunately I believed her. I think it has taken at least 6 weeks for my metabolism to kick into gear and start working with me instead of against me. Therefore, even though I haven't been following the diet plan meticulously, the momentum of weight loss has taken a turn and I continue to lose weight without too much effort.

With summer time events and crazy schedules I've been a little lackadaisical concerning the diet, however, by making wiser eating choices and getting more exercise, I have been able to keep from gaining anything back. And come August 5, I have made plans to restart The Fast Metabolism Diet for 28 days and hopefully re-rev up my metabolism!

Here are my latest statistics:

DateWeightWeekly LossTotal lbs. to Date
Starting Wt.230
Week 1225-55
Week 2224-16
Week 3223-17
Week 4223-07
Week 5222-18
Week 6220-210 (Yay!)
Week 7219-111
Week 8-9219-011
Week 10218-112
Week 11217-113

I have also lost 11 inches overall!

Should we talk about exercise next? Hmm…maybe…


Rochelle said...

I am doing the FMD as well. I did it straight for 2 1/2 months. At first I was disappointed with how slow I lost weight after that first week, but holy cow, I felt amazing. I was loosing so many inches and my skin was clear and I just felt sooo good. Now I'm in maintenance and I still lose weight. Whenever I would eat a meal off-diet I felt fine, just happy to be getting back to my regular meals. Then when I had multiple meals off-diet I began to feel sooo gross. Bleh. I love FMD. It's definitely something I'll keep using my whole life. I hope you keep enjoying it! Have you gotten on support groups on FB?

Stephanie @ From the Burbs to the Boonies said...

Congrats! That's awesome! I think changing metabolism makes a huge difference. I will be interested to see how it keeps going. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie said...

Wow, this looks fabulous-even slow weight loss means it is MOVING! and even at one pound per week, or thereabouts, that means 52lbs in a year! Way to go!

cathy peth said...

Really proud of your determination Cindra! I'm really excited for you to be losing the weight that you want to lose. You go girl! :-)