Tuesday, June 18, 2013

There's An APP For That!

There’s always an App (well most always). I love technology, and any time I can incorporate technology with every-day life just makes my day!


When I first started The Fast Metabolism Diet, I did not realize that there was an app. I read through Haylie Pomroy’s book and wrote down all the foods that I liked or was willing to try, I wrote down the recipes that I was planning, and then I made a grocery list from that.

Two weeks into the diet I ran across the app. What a great companion to the diet plan! It has a list of all the appropriate foods for the specific phases, which makes meal planning a lot easier. It allows you to plan out your whole day or your whole week. If you are really organized, you can plan out all 28 days.


When I go in to set up my day, all I have to do is click on the meal (like breakfast, snack, dinner, etc.). The app takes me to a list of the foods, I select what I want, and then it tells me how much I can eat of that particular food.  The app makes the planning process so simple!



But wait, there’s more!!! (in the words of a late night infomercial)


The app also tracks my progress and keeps track of my exercise activities. Another feature is the grocery cart where I can add food to my shopping list as I need them. There are daily tips from Haylie Pomroy, meal reminders, and a water tracker (which also figures out how many ounces of water I should be drinking).



If you plan on doing The Fast Metabolism Diet, buy the app when you buy the book. It makes life a lot easier. And it’s only $1.99!


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