Thursday, June 13, 2013

Changing My Mind, Not Just My Diet


Week 6

This is my sixth week of doing The Fast Metabolism Diet. I have read the book, followed the blog, seen success in some of my friends, but I'm not experiencing the weight loss that I had expected. But as I was reading Haylie Pomroy's blog, my mindset began to change.


One of the posts reminded me that the goal of eating this way is to repair my metabolism and weight loss is just  a benefit. And that even when my weight is holding steady my body is extracting nutrients more efficiently and will continue to do so. So now I am focusing on changing my mind not just my diet. This is not just a weight loss program, but a lifestyle program.


According to the book, in order to lose 20 lbs. in 28 days you eat one serving size, or portion. For every additional 20 lbs.that you have to lose, a 1/2 portion is added. So, the more you have to lose, the more you get to eat. Sounds great! Doing the math, I was allowed to have 2.5 times a single portion. I wasn’t getting hungry, that’s for sure, but I felt like I was eating too much. And according to another post that I read on the blog, I was. An update changed this rule to eating 1.5 times a single portion no matter how much you have to lose.


To be on the safe side I went into my Fast Metabolism app and changed my weight goal to 40 lbs. instead of 100 lbs. I still need to lose 100 lbs., but changing the info, the app did the figuring for me. I followed the plan religiously during week 5 and here are my results:



Weekly Lost

Total lbs. to date

Starting wt.


Week 1




Week 2




Week 3




Week 4




Week 5





Still not what I expected. Although the scales are not where I want them to be, the diet is working. I feel less bloated, and my digestive system is working better than it has in a long time. If you’re not overly overweight, you may not understand this, but bending over is a lot easier. I noticed it when The Farmer and I went out on our date night (you can read >>here<< how I absolutely busted my diet during week 4) There has definitely been some tummy loss! I realized it on my date. When we stopped to get a soda from McD's (I got water), I bent over to get change in the cup holder on the floor board and noticed that it was a lot easier for me to reach down to the floor! That's an accomplishment!!


So I have a new goal to keep this week, it's no longer about losing weight, but about repairing my metabolism (of course weight loss would be the cherry on top of the sundae, but let's not go there) :)

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